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RENOWA Projects & RENOWA Luxury Living, is a professional project management company, which exclusively provides service for for the design, renovation and execution with the individual approach, colors, finishing and furnishing and delivery on a "turnkey" basis the projects of special purposes, Private and Official Residences, Palaces, Receptions, various complexes of exclusive character, commercial sites & manufacturing plants, by supplying high-tech equipment.

In the arsenal of our works:

Top 5 and 7-star Luxury and Exclusive Hotels in Europe and the Middle East.

Palaces, Residences, Reception Houses, Luxurious Apartments, sports and recreation facilities for the Leaders and Presidents of the "Big Eight", the Kings and Sheikhs of the Middle East, Royal Families, the heads of state in Europe, Americas and the CIS, where we have concentrated a workforce of more than 20 top Spanish & Italian manufacturers and suppliers of "EXTRA-HIGH AND LUXURY CLASS" products with a worldwide reputation. Within 10 years of operation, the Company has completed over 50 projects with total budget of over 445 million euros, including setup of several manufacturing plants in Uzbekistan, supply highly technological equipment for over 50 million euros.


The company differentiates itself with the development of integrated projects, which make up the bulk of our business, and include design, stone processing, the execution of the project and installation.

We embellish the spaces with architectural elements, dressing and placing singular projects. For all our projects we offer integral service for all phases of all tasks, thus we offer;

Project management from start to finish: we firmly believes that the best way to do a project is cherishing since the conception of this, from the beginning. Our working model lets us take care of a draft comprehensive manner ("turnkey project"); projection design, analysis and engineering systems installation, implementation, project management, installation and final art. All phases are available.

Creating any element: Thanks to the production department and only with the most advanced technologies, we can provide service in any material modelling, opening the door to all kinds of facilities.

Significance of the installation: Due to the characteristics and sensitivity of some pieces, we always recommend a process of methodical installation, care of every single detail, as only artisans can do.



Each project is unique, so we think of art and architecture as a solution to all our creations.

We produce tailored, being a true "natural stone tailor", adapting to customer requirements and advising to use the product with balance, without excesses, in order to obtain harmonious results. Our key factors are knowledge of the stone, technology, design, innovation and human resources. The speed in the development and implementation of projects makes us the loyalty of customers and is another of our distinctive features.


We count on ample technical department consisting of - architects, engineers, surveyors, Fine Arts graduates, designers and decorators able to respond to any technical problem, offering the best solutions.

We collaborate with several artists of national and international importance. Implementation controls allow ensure the highest quality from the initial sketch to the installation.

From budgeting we care for the detail, giving personalized attention to monitoring the entire project. The speed of execution is another key factor, as well as agility and efficiency to the development of special projects. Teamwork, both at management and technical and operational level allow us to develop complex works.